ESA is a nationwide student association focusing on networking between students and universities to provide infrastructure for university esport in the Czech Republic, with the ambition to improve student life and popularize esport according to the model of American universities.


The fundamental principle of the university leagues in the esports is sophisticated online infrastructure. ESA's goal is to run leagues for the most prestigious esport titles and to expand our portal to other titles based on CRM.

3E stands for Esport, Europe and Education, which symbolizes the three goals of the online league.

For the winter semester 2018/2019, we are preparing the first league for the title of League of Legends.


If we want to popularize the esport, we have to choose the right means. We believe there are not enough offline events in the Czech Republic where amateurs, professionals, and managers can meet, play, get to know and have fun.

Therefore, we want to connect Czech esport communities, support their growth and participation in big (not only) our esporting events in the Czech Republic.


As with every growing phenomenon there is a certain risk and danger, it is our responsibility to draw attention to the issues associated with this activity.

Therefore, an essential element of ESA is education! That will be reflected in lectures on netiquette, netolysis and cybernetic security that we are excited about. Part of our plan includes lectures and workshops to educate you in the direction of computer graphics development, game development, and more.